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Dental Specialties

dentist refers patients to a oral surgery dental specialist in Brantford

Dental Specialties

At Avenue Dental we partner with dental specialists in Brantford to offer our patients endodontics and oral surgery. If you need a complex root canal performed, we’ll refer you to an expert endodontics specialist. And if you need oral surgery that requires expert skills, we’ll refer you to a partner oral surgeon. We only send our patients to expert professionals we know and trust.


If you are suffering from severe tooth pain, one common cause is a root infection or inflammation. Our dental professionals will examine the problem area and discuss your treatment options. If the case looks complex, we might arrange for you to see a trusted Endodontist from our Brantford network of dental professionals. Endodontists specialize in the health of pulp contained in the roots of teeth. They can diagnose and recommend a treatment plan that offers the best outcome to treat the infection and alleviate your pain.
dentist discusses treatment options with patient and arranges to see an endodontics dental specialist in Brantford

Oral Surgery

At Avenue Dental, general dental procedures are performed in our offices by our qualified dentists. When our patients come to us with more complex cases, beyond the scope of general dentistry, we partner with experienced oral surgeons in Brantford to offer our patients high-quality, compassionate care for every surgical procedure.

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